Monday, February 25, 2013

REVEAL for Echo Creative Club

I received 4 pendants from Jeannie for the months I'm participating in the challenge, and it was pretty hard to decide which one to go with. After way too much time pondering and daydreaming, I ended up going with the Purple Anemone. Here is is:

I combined so many different beads trying to brainstorm a design, but I ultimately decided to keep it simple and sweet, much like the pendant itself. I chose Swarovski crystals in Lilac and Golden Shadow shades, which happened to match nearly perfectly with the shades in the pendant. Tanzanite was pretty close as well, but it was quite a bit darker than the lilac, and I found the lilac to be sweeter. I combined the crystals with lovely figaro chain from vintaj natural brass, which also has a feminine, sweet look to it. For a little extra bling, I took a 12mm rivoli and made a setting with a vintaj filigree to enhance the pendant.  Here is the final necklace:

You can purchase a pendant of your own from Jeannie HERE  They come in 3 different colors.   Check out her other awesome pendants and beads as well.

Please visit the other blog participants shown below. 

Jessica Klaaren (you are here) http://cellardoorjewelry.blogs

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Echo Club Preview

The month of February turned out to be a lot busier than I expected! I ended up having to move my booth space at a store I sell in that is over an hour away to a new glass case they made, then I had a new store open here in town that I had to quickly inventory and price jewelry for (not to mention make a few new pieces) I had to have numerous doctor and dentist appointments and had an opportunity to send jewelry to the Wendy Williams show, and had to quickly make, package, and ship out all of that. In the meantime I've been working overtime at the day job in order to save up some money for our Disney Vacation AND I did my own taxes, and with 2 schedule c businesses, that definitely took a lot of time. Oh not to mention the interview for the paper and the fact that I had to create a studio in 2 days because a news crew is going to be at my house TOMORROW to interview me for a segment.  Needless to say, my 1st Echo blog post where I reveal the pendant is very very late. The truth is, I didn't even decide on which pendant I was using until last night, and I finished the necklace up at about 3 am this morning in order to have it ready to photograph today. So forgive me for not having a preview earlier, I just hadn't decided on what I was doing yet. Since I have some more time until my next month in the club, I should be well above schedule for the rest. : )  So here is the pendant I ended up deciding on. Forgive the photo as it was about midnight when I picked the pendant and had to take the photo indoors where my lighting is terrible. 
This is the Purple Anemone Poppy Pendant. You can purchase one for yourself HERE

Thanks for reading and check out my reveal blog tomorrow!