Tuesday, June 25, 2013

ECHO Creative Club Reveal

I was so excited to once again participate in the Echo Creative club. Thank You to Jeannie who organizes it all and mails us her fabulous beads and pendants to work with on her own dime.  How lucky are we?!  My last post was a preview of the bead that Jeannie K Dukic sent me for this month's ECHO Creative Club Design Challenge. If you missed that post, here is the bead she sent me.

It is a pretty green gin blossom pendant. She has a ton of other ones in all sorts of colors, but my favorite of her new ones are the patina'd versions. Check them out by looking at her SHOP.

So I decided on using Leather Cord with this one. I'm kind of on a leather kick right now, and it felt more organic than chain, which I just wasn't feeling with this one. I boldly opted for a dark emerald green color, and green beads...yeah I went there. Consider me Irish. Here is what I ended up with:

I know its really green...if I redid it I'd probably try a bronze shade leather instead, but that's ok, its a perfect necklace for St. Patrick's day and any day for someone like my sister, who is a true redhead and wears green a lot. Maybe this will end up being a future gift for her. : )   
Thanks for checking out my piece and be sure to visit the other participants:

Friday, June 21, 2013

Echo Creative Club Design in Process

Once again I am a lucky participant in the Echo Creative Club, where I get to take a handmade set of beads or pendant made by the awesome Jeannie K Dukic and create something with it. This month I am using this cool green Gin Blossom pendant. You can get one for yourself HERE.

I think I'm going to use some of the new leather cord I just got with this piece. The reveal is on June 25th, so check back to see what I design with it!
- Jessica