Sunday, January 29, 2012

Something Pretty On My Wrist

                       I wanted to do a quick blog on my latest design and what I was thinking during the design of it. I often dream of writing blogs that break down the design concept in an interesting way, but the truth is, it's really more of an organic, unplanned process most of the time for me.  This bracelet was a bit different though, because I did have a bit of a broad concept and picture in my mind when I set out to make it. It's a shame my arms are so hairy, because I'd love to be able to get photos of it as well as others on my wrist, because they just look so amazing. Unfortunately all I see is my arm hair when I try to get a picture, so I won't be sharing any of those photos with you today.  I'll try to search for a hairless model in the future, but in the meantime, the normal laid out photo will have to do.
                       This bracelet is a fun one that is basically inspired by my young teen years, back when I was obsessed with Drew Barrymore and similar movie stars of her up and coming time. She did that one movie where she played a rebellious and spirited yet troubled girl who was obsessed with a way, her character was kind of my muse when designing this bracelet. It is all about purples and has a vibrant purple altered arte metal butterfly as a unique focal point, although its got enough curvature you could wear it on the side or even back/bottom of wrist if you prefer another side showing more or need comfort. For example, I'm typing so I've swished the bracelet around so the butterfly is on the bottom side, because it is more comfortable to have my wrist rest on it than the larger beads. Making the focal is actually fairly simple. First paint the arte metal white to provide a base. If you use the ink just over the metal, it doesn't really show up very bright. After paint dries, use the ranger ink tools to apply your choice of ink colors to the piece. Try to dab as little as possible, because it will wipe the paint away, even after it dries if you are rubbing on it too much. Let ink dry and add a few more layers, mix up the colors if you like. After it all dries spray with acrylic sealant, then curve the tabs to make connectors or remove them and punch holes. The beads are g-g-gorgeous with lots of sparkle. My grandmother had made this incredibly huge cocktail ring that I dismantled and used some of the very gorgeous, retro, ab crystals in the dangles, as well as assorted crystal and glass beads in multiple shades of purple. I used 24mm wire to make fun little wire wrapped links to hang the sparkly beads from because these always remind me of either a spiraling flight or swim, so I often incorporate wire links and drops into nautical and or nature/bug/butterfly/dragonfly themed jewelry. Since I had this spiral idea in mind, I used a spiral clasp to complete the design. I'm pretty happy with this one, so much so that I may have to do a few more in different colors. I pretty much stick to green, blue, and purple in most of my designs, so I just might get crazy and go with a different least one of these days!


  1. I've been looking at your blog and etsy store. Your designs are wonderful. The Starry Night necklace is to die for. I can't wait to see more. :)