Monday, February 27, 2012

The Makings of the Moment

Lately I've been making a lot of free jewelry for donations to charities. I have made earrings for a local fundraiser for a girl who has cerebral palsy and is need of surgery. I have given 2 necklaces, including a replica of my first published design and a pair of earrings, to my local Arts council for their annual gala fundraiser silent auction, and I have made a lovely bracelet for the 7000 Bracelets for Hope Campaign. I enjoy helping others, and although I have little to offer financially, at least I can make a few things and donate my time, which amounts to a lot more than the money I have invested in the pieces. I just hope they appreciate the work and love that I put into every piece of jewelry I create. People tend to undervalue anything handmade. My father, a custom wood worker, knows this all too well!  Here is my 7000 bracelets for hope design.

  I've also been toying with some new designs incorporating layers and multi-strands. This is a new venture for me as I've really never worked with cloth textiles before in jewelry, nor have I really done many multi strand pieces, other than my first Vintaj design challenge win with the starry night necklace. I think that's actually one of the reasons I haven't gone there, because it was such a pain to get all the strands at the perfect length.  
Meanwhile in the midst of all these charity designs, I also have made a necklace for the bead soup swap that I am just sooo proud of. Its actually not a complex necklace, very simple design, but its still just so perfectly fabulous that I can't stop wearing it! The reveal day is March 3rd, so stay tuned for photos of the finished piece!! I still have quite a few beads left though that I haven't used, nor have I figured out what to do with the silk, so I'm a bit at a loss for the's hoping I can figure it out by the 3rd!  Until then, here is my bead soup that I received from my partner, Denise Peterson.

Unfortunately, as much as I'd love to spend my days beading and designing, I do have a day job as a Realtor, and it has come to that oh so fun 2 year mark when I have to renew my license. Since I've been so distracted my turning my hobby into a business the last few years, I haven't completed the first hour of continuing education, so the next week I have to complete over 16 hours of CE classes in order to meet the requirements for renewing my license, and I'm totally dreading it!!  I always say I am not going to procrastinate my CE and get it done in advance, and it NEVER happens!!  Oh well, I work better under pressure anyway! ; )   

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