Thursday, September 8, 2011

Busy and Blessed

Vintaj Blog Designer Highlight

I am the featured designer today over at the vintaj blog, visit the above link to check out my very first interview/article and share in my excitement!!  I'm so thrilled. This has truly been an amazing week. In addition to having my first feature article, I also received word that one of my submissions (also a vintaj design) is going to be in the Feb 2012 edition of Bead Trends magazine. It was my first attempt at submitting a design, so its pretty amazing and awesome that it was picked! Hopefully I can make a habit of that and get things submitted every month and maybe have a few items in throughout the course of next year.  My first downtown arts market event went great as well. There was no advertising, but I still managed to make a few bucks, and everyone told me later that my booth was a hit and received a lot of traffic. I didn't realize...I guess I was too busy with customers. ; )     Here's the booth set up, which is still a work in progress:

In addition to having all of this going on, we tiled the kitchen floor this weekend. Everything went great and it looks beautiful...but we forgot to account for the added height it added to the floor, and our refrigerator now doesn't fit under the cabinet where it is supposed to we are going to have to rethink our layout and design. Right now its in a completely different spot, and its actually growing on me, it seems like it really opens up the feel of the space as well as the views into the other rooms. You can see in this photo where it is now as well as the pretty new floor - tiles are 17 inch tiles that we got from Knox rail salvage for $1.99 each, wow!  We love how it looks so much like slate, but its ceramic tile. Anyway, the refrigerator originally was on the left, and it would stick out so far that it made it seem very narrow, and it blocked the view into the living room area, which is now opened up. The den also now has a view of the refrigerator and pantry, so if the boys are trying to sneak sweets or something, its easier to stop that now.

Now, today I have a lot on my plate. I have to get my necklace ready to send to Bead Trends for photography, set up a home inspection for some buyers I'm working with who are buying an amaing house (another blessing in my life that could not have happened at a better time, otherwise I would have had to retire my license this year due to not being able to afford my dues/fees) and do about 3 bpo reports, fun stuff! Once all that is off my plate though, I just got some new Vintaj products from beadaholique that I'm dying to try out, and I plan on doing my first "how to" series, so stay tuned! 

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