Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Busy Bee

Like this month's vintaj theme, I have been quite the busy bee. Not only has the month of August been the busiest this year (or even longer) in my day job (Real Estate), but it has also been my highest grossing sales month since I started my jewelry business. Of course you have to take the bad with the good, so I wasn't surprised when I shredded a tire and had to get 2 new ones, or when the hot water heater that was 30 years old finally gave out in my kitchen!  
I finally made my way down to the athens area council for the arts this last week and was so relieved and happy when the director was very pleased with my work and immediately approved me as an opening weekend vendor for the new downtown Athens Art Market. I am so excited, it is happening this Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Don went and bought me this cool ladder shelf that folds up to display my jewelry.
I would have begged my dad to make me something, since he does beautiful custom furniture, but unfortunately he cut off his right pointer finger last Saturday and is recovering, but is pretty much down to 1 arm at this point until its healed up and all the gauze removed.  I thought he was going to puke when I told him I bought this shelf for $90. It would probably cost him about $300 in materials alone to make one, but it would last a lifetime and be incredibly beautiful!  Definitely worth the cost, and once I have caught up a bit in my self investment and am profiting, I'm definitely putting orders in.

Meanwhile, I'm taking the week off of bpos to bang out as much jewelry as I can. Im trying to focus on "lines" and not have quite as big of a variety. My jewelry styles are super varied because I want to try everything, but I'm trying to keep it to steampunk, riveting, handmade beaded chain work, butteflies/dragonflies, and resin/polymer clay. I have a lot to do just in editing, pricing, blocking, and in general figuring out my set up. Come see my booth on Saturday at the pavillion in downtown Athens to see what it ends up looking like, or just stay tuned to the blog if you are out of town b/c I will be posting pics!  I have also been printing out and laminating these awesome cards for my earrings...I think they look so cool!
 Here are the newest wings
 blue/purple wings, now glazed
 Cool Vintage earring cards
 Love this one!
 Alice in Wonderland Cards as well

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  1. This is all wonderful! I love that you are laminating your cards, so that they last a long time. Being able to reuse things is great for the environment! Kudos :)