Monday, August 15, 2011

The Boy

Well school has officially started for my little 2nd grader. He is growing up so fast. Some of that I'm thankful for due to his rather difficult personality at times. He takes after both his father and I in those In all seriousness, Jaidon is so incredible in so many ways, but he is also quite the little head butter. He's a true Taurus in that way, and we butt horns when it comes to things like getting him to eat his dinner, picking up his bedroom, doing homework, etc.  It can be any little thing really, that's the thing with him. I've learned over the past 7 years how to approach him with various things and have less conflict than he does with dad on those levels...but he still knows how to push my buttons!  Needless to say, I'm honestly glad school is back in session, because admittedly I was going a little insane having both him and my 3 year old Keller at home all day every day...and my housecleaning sessions were beginning to unturn things like 2 month old apple cores under furniture, rotten cheese, basically food and juice spills and all sorts of complete nastiness all over my house. Not to mention that with 2 little boys and 1 nearly blind husband, my bathroom totally smells like a truckstop urinal 24/7, no matter how often I clean the toilet and floors. (Although daddy would argue that none of that is his fault, and he's right, I'm only joshing him) Its entirely the boys, they truly are disgusting, and I really don't get it, because up until I absolutely couldn't keep up with them, I've been a pretty big neatfreak, and I've basically been yelling at them to clean their rooms their whole lives...taking toys away, timeout, the whole deal...but it just doesn't seem to work.  So...having 8 hours a day to catch up on what they have used, abused, trashed, or peed on in the other 8 they are home and awake is nice, because I would literally NEVER get any work done if I were expected to keep up with them. Even my mother is beginning to realize my plight after keeping the boys a few hours here and there during the last few weeks...they are a handful, so if you see me out an about with them and I'm looking like a hot mess, well don't say I didn't tell you so!

Anyway, I'm thinking about starting a little youtube channel for Jaidon to do weather forecasts on...what do you think about that? He's a little weatherman, ask anyone who knows him! Lol  Here's the picture he drew from the first day of 2nd grade. Notice at the bottom he has a little cloud showing the whole rain to evaporation process, with the rainbow on top? And that's a tornado on his shirt. Jaidon, Lord of the Weather!

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