Friday, August 5, 2011

Weekend Plans

Its been an extremely busy work week for me with the day job. This whole entire year I've cut down my work load in order to concentrate on building my jewelry business, but due to those fun, unexpected expenses life throws our way, I had to pick up the bpo work for a bit. This week since Monday I've been assigned a whopping $925 worth of bpo orders, and I'll certainly take them! In the past, a busy week has been about $200-$300 worth of work, so this is pretty much unheard of for me, at least as far as this year has gone. I have finished all of 3 of them, and the rest aren't due until tomorrow and Sunday, so I'm taking the rest of today off to hopefully get my house clean and maybe spend some time with my family for a change!!  (shocker!)  In the meantime, here's my latest creation...  very simple, earrings that are super pretty...

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