Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Work Work Work

I spoke too soon (or I should say blogged too soon) because I ended up being assigned 12 bpos and 2 mtrs Monday! Its been a busy few days and I still have 6 orders to finish up somehow, hopefully by tomorrow night!!  I also had the joy of having a flat tire about 45 minutes away from home on Monday. I ended up having to get 2 new tires at the price of $298 after tax.  Guess the work came at the perfect time!!
Meanwhile, Monday I entered a contest at the vintaj blog. It was a contest that involved leaving a comment. They chose their favorites and are letting the public vote. The winner gets a nice package of beads, that I really really want and need. Please vote for me and share the link! My comment is #3.

 Even though I've been super busy, I still took a little time last night to make my sister a necklace that I promised her I would. I'm submitting it to Bead Trends as well. Here it is:

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