Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Day in Knoxville with Don and the boys

We went to Knoxville today to pick up the porcelain tiles we purchased from Rail Salvage, and then took the boys up to the Norfolk Southern Hump Yard to see if we could show the boys the trains and huge roundabout and such, but really weren't able to get that close. We stopped by the old depot though and checked out the exterior of the museum trains, because it was open by appointment only. We walked around downtown for a bit and then took the kids to Zuma, which I'd heard was cool, but we found it to be quite disappointing, and nearly half of the games were out of order.

Overall it was at least a day without typical boredom being at home, and both the boys, as well as Don and I, were happy to have a break from the normal routine, especially since the first full day of school is tomorrow for Jaidon! Here are some pics from Knoxville that I took.

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