Sunday, August 21, 2011

Butterfly Frenzy

Over the last week or so, I've introduced a new line of jewelry, mostly earrings so far, incorporating my husband Donovan's buttefly wings, made from polymer clay.  They are a very lengthy process! His 3rd cane of blue and purple wings took him a good 2 hours to finish, but the result is so gorgeous and amazing! So far he's made me pink, blue/green, and blue/purple versions. I am going to request standard orange/yellow monarch colors next, and after that...who knows? I may get really crazy! I have so far given away 4 pairs of these as gifts, and my models have been showing them off, and now I have orders in for 6 pairs of earrings.  I also have been told that Reflections salon here in Athens would love to have them for sale in their shop, so I need to get as many made as I can in the next few weeks, because I have a feeling they are going to sell very well!  Here is a photo of Donovan at work during the cane making process, the end results of all 3 types in earrings, and a larger double version of the new blue/purple wings used in a larger pendant on a necklace.


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  1. I'm glad I read this post! Those are amazing!! I absolutely LOVE what he is making!! Please tell him that too, nothing like a little admiration to gratify the work process! :)